Company outing Hoofddorp

Will you compete with your colleagues during an Expeditie Robinson company outing in Hoofddorp? Can you work together well enough to unmask the imposter in your midst during Who’s the Saboteur? The group activities of event agency Vibe Events guarantee excitement, sensation and lots of fun! Call or email us quickly to organize your company outing in Hoofddorp and the surrounding area!

Active company outing

At event organization Vibe Events we like some activity. Many of our outdoor activities are very sporty! Get some exercise in the healthy sea air, with your feet in the sand and perhaps even a radiant sun on your face. That’s something different than slogging around the office!

Real water lovers can go paddle boarding or surf rafting with us. Do you prefer to keep it dry? Then there is plenty to do on the beach! How about power kiting, beach hexathlon or bubble soccer? If you can’t choose, simply put together a program yourself via our Mix & Match.

Company outing Hoofddorp

The possibilities for a company outing in Hoofddorp are almost endless. From XXL challenges to yoga and from outdoor laser gaming to a real pub quiz. You can’t imagine anything so crazy! But luckily we do. Our instructors are eager to get started with you!

However, they don’t just do that. Before you come to us, or we come to you, we will speak to each other extensively. We would like to know from you what kind of people you are and what you expect from your company outing. Do you mainly want to have fun? Relaxing? Want to get some fresh air for a day? Or also strengthen your team spirit? Get to know each other better? Collaborate better?

Team building activities

In the latter case, we organize educational team building games for you! During a beach hexathlon you must make good use of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work together as efficiently as possible. Or how about a crazy relay? Choose the right team members for events that require excitement, strength, knowledge and competition and work very closely together to overcome all obstacles!

Naturally, we fully adapt the team building to your team, because every team has different goals. Maybe you’ve only been working together for a while and need to get to know each other better first? Or have you been working together for years and are you stuck with ingrained habits? Do you want to dare to rely on each other more or make the most of each other’s talents? We discuss it all in advance, so that we can put together an ideal team day for you!

Organize a company outing

Organizing a fun company outing that you will talk about for a long time, you can leave that to us! Want to enjoy a day and learn something? That works great for us! And for those who don’t want all the fun group activities to end, we work together with various beach pavilions that are happy to provide you with a refreshing drink and a tasty meal. So, for the best company outing in Hoofddorp, contact events agency Vibe Events directly!

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